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1. Pushboat Fury adds to Harley Marine Gulf’s fleet
When Harley Marine Services acquired MGI of Houston in 2011, the Seattle-based company spawned its 10th subsidiary, Harley Marine Gulf, and established itself on all of the U.S. coasts and the country’s commercial inland river system.
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2. Little tugs conduct a big environmental cleanup on the Hudson River
In 1609, Henry Hudson explored a river whose water was as pure as the name of its source implies.
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3. Chloe K & Zeus
G&H Towing gets compact version of Robert Allan Z-Tech boats
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4. Into the shallows: U.S. Coast Guard patrol boats go where others cannot article 100 %
5. Harbor Docking Eyes LNG Work with New ASD Tractors article 100 %
6. McAllister powerhouse makes a name for itself in Baltimore
The tugboat Bridget McAllister, designed by Robert Allan Ltd. and built by Foss Maritime at its Rainier, Ore., shipyard in 2006, has had a short but eventful life.
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7. ‘Twin Towers’ assist with Manhattan dredge work article 100 %
8. Classic schooner equipped with modern propulsion redundancy
The word “unique” gets thrown around with abandon in this age of hyper promotion, but it seems the most apt word to describe the 85-foot schooner America 2.0, a modern high-tech version of the famous 19th-century racing schooner and winner of the first America’s Cup.
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9. Murden
Throughout history, shifting dirt from one place to another has consumed much of man’s energy and intelligence, resulting in ingenious, sometimes cruel, and often inventive solutions to the problem of moving huge quantities of material. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moves a lot of dirt, and it has designed a new dredge with which to do it.
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10. Stuck in the Mud article 100 %
11. Third engine gives Daisy Mae versatility and power to spare
Rodriguez Shipbuilding has made shallow-draft, triple-screw tugboats something of a specialty.
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12. Tug operators on the lower Mississippi continue to update their fleets article 100 %
13. Fully equipped Florida research vessel a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of boats article 100 %
14. La. college, towing company join forces to create Inland Bridge Resource Management training
If you sketch a plan view of Berwick Bay — a swelling of the Atchafalaya River at Morgan City, La., where the Port Allen Alternate Route, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and bayous Teche, Boeuf and Shaffer converge on the river — you get a drawing resembling an octopus in trouble.
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15. Foss puts spec-built Tier 4 tug to work in California
Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the first EPA Tier 4 emissions-compliant tugboats is destined for California, a state where residents and regulators are passionate about clean air.
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16. Moran updates 93-foot workhorse for the Tier 4 era
Over the past two decades, 92- and 93-foot tugboats have become the backbone of Moran Towing’s ship-assist fleet.
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17. Starlight Marine escort tugs ready with high horsepower, control article 100 %
18. Amelia R. & Rachel S. Settoon
Fast growing Settoon takes delivery of a 96-foot and a 76-foot towboat
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19. Arctic Titan: another extraordinary tug for Western Towboat
While phrases such as “Go west, young man” have lost their verve, “North to Alaska” is still a vibrant one for Seattle-based Western Towboat.
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20. Locking in Louisiana: Strong currents, stronger patience
On a March morning, Elizabeth M. Robinson, a Genesis Marine pushboat with two 300-foot tank barges, was queuing on the Mississippi River for Port Allen Lock.
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