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NTSB assesses industry’s close encounters with recreational boats

NTSB assesses industry’s close encounters with recreational boats

The increase in dangerous incidents between recreational and commercial vessels on U.S. waterways has resulted in new safety recommendations by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) based on an investigation into the scope of the problem.


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Latest Safety News

Rolls-Royce: Autonomous vessels can meet COLREGS

Tests show (AI)-based navigation systems can enact the rules to avoid collisions

SAFETY ALERT: Immersion suit zipper seams

Failure of glue can prevent a watertight seal

Deadline looms for lifeboat hook replacement

On-load release mechanisms must comply with new SOLAS rules by July 1, 2019

Viking Life-Saving sees slight improvement in cargo, offshore markets

Panel finds chances of SMFF compliance in Charleston, Long Beach 'highly doubtful'

The study funded by Rapid Ocean Response finds shortcomings in meeting legal and operational requirements

SAFETY ALERT: Reassess towing, salvage risks

Canada issues RFP to lease emergency towing vessels

The two vessels must be capable of handling large ships in distress off British Columbia

RAL, Kongsberg developing remotely-operated fireboat

The 65-foot RALamander 2000 will have FiFi 1 capability for port fires

Sailor on disabled boat requires three AMVER responses

Three ships divert to aid the mariner, who refused to abandon his sailboat off Mexico

Ferry safety association to hold NYC conference

The annual session is scheduled for March 21-23 in Lower Manhattan

SAFETY ALERT: Fixed CO2 fire extinguishing systems

Loose bottles and stress on hoses can have dangerous consequences

Coast Guard to hold Buzzards Bay safety forum

Public participants are sought for the PAWSA workshop on Feb. 7-8

CSA recognizes 106 Crowley vessels for environmental safety

CSA honors 73 Foss vessels for environmental excellence

SAFETY ALERT: Kidde fire extinguisher recall

Norwich University’s Master of Arts in Diplomacy online program
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Safety Videos

Professional Mariner Editor Dom Yanchunas visits the Kanawha Valley for a conversation with West Virginia inventor Linwood Hamilton, who has developed a pair of inventions to improve safety in the inland towing industry. One is a rake that would fit onto the bow of a barge. The other is thruster piping inside a lead barge of a tow.

Added: 2015-11-03

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