NTSB details lessons learned in new Safer Seas Digest

Fatigue was once again a leading factor in accidents in 2019

(WASHINGTON) — On Thursday, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its Safer Seas Digest 2019, a report that gathers the most important lessons learned from marine accident investigations completed during calendar year 2019.

The report details the lessons learned from 30 maritime tragedies such as the loss of 17 passengers and crew aboard the amphibious vessel Stretch Duck 7 and the 10 sailors serving aboard USS John S. McCain when it collided with the tanker Alnic MC.

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The digest shows that fatigue was once again a leading primary or contributary cause in accidents in 2019. Reducing fatigue-related accidents is an issue highlighted on the NTSB’s 2019-2020 Most Wanted List. Several occupant protection issues were also examined, including watertight integrity and subdivision, fire protection during hot work, and securing ventilation and openings during fire.

Check out the digest to see all the safety issues and accident details highlighted over the year.

– National Transportation Safety Board

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