Kongsberg Digital, MAN partner on digitalization project with Hoegh Autoliners

(KONGSBERG, Norway) — Kongsberg Digital and leading engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions are entering into a strategic digitalization partnership, formalizing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the two companies in October 2019. The first project undertaken by the partnership will be to deliver joint digital infrastructure to Hoegh Autoliners, marking the first step in their stated aim to work together in accelerating the rate of digitalization in the maritime industry and securing greater value for customers on both sides.

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The agreement to collaborate in developing digitalization solutions for the maritime sector came about as the two companies realized that their separate efforts in this space were complementary. Kongsberg Digital’s recently launched Vessel Insight – a new, cost-efficient data infrastructure solution for the maritime market – is a natural match with MAN Energy Solutions’ PrimeServ Assist digital solution for optimization of engine use and maintenance.

Vessel Insight captures contextualized data from vessels and fleets for use in value generating applications for ship owners and operators, so by integrating the data from PrimeServ Assist will be able to provide a more holistic picture for the majority of vessels with MAN Energy Solutions’ two-stroke engines on board. With two major maritime vendors collaborating on a common data infrastructure, customers will benefit from interfacing with one system instead of many, automated data integration, and a larger selection of digital solutions. This will make the digital transformation faster and more cost efficient for customers in the maritime sector.

The maritime industry is in a transformational phase and is still learning new ways to extract additional value from digitalization, and with two major vendors now working together to further develop a powerful, safe and open infrastructure, this transformation will accelerate. For vendors of digital solutions and services, developing value adding applications and software for customers will be easier and more cost efficient, which in turn leads to a broader selection of available solutions. This will speed up the ability to digitalize and gives ship owners and operators a quicker return on their digital investment.

The inaugural project with Hoegh Autoliners is currently in a testing and validation phase, with a goal to enable real time engine monitoring and digital assistance for optimization, while reducing digital equipment onboard. Kongsberg Digital will provide its data infrastructure solution, Vessel Insight, for real time data transfer while MAN Energy Solutions will deploy PrimeServ Assist for engine data analysis.

– Kongsberg

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