Marine Captain

The Tall Ship Providence Foundation is seeking a Captain who will be responsible for the management of the statutory compliance of the vessel, including meeting statutory and TSPF obligations for the safe, efficient and environmentally protective operation of the ship, ensuring compliance with mandatory Coast Guard rules and regulations, and supports operational and technical management of the ship.

Summer Sea Term Crew 2019 - Deck Training, Engine Training, Instruction, 
Operations and Watchstanding, and Unlicensed/Other Positions

The State University of New York Maritime College is currently looking to employ officers and staff for this year's summer training cruise aboard T.S.EMPIRE STATE. Positions for the various departments are available. This is a unique opportunity to assist with the at-sea, practical training of future mariners and the chance to participate in a great itinerary offered.

Assistant Professor - 10 Month in Marine Transportation

The Marine Transportation Department is currently recruiting for an Assistant Professor - 10 Month. The incumbent will be assigned courses in vessel operations, management and maritime regulation as the needs of the Department dictate and their background allow. The selected individual must be available for campus committee assignments and be active and involved in the maritime industry through publication, participation in regulatory events or industry conferences.

Master of the Training Ship

SUNY Maritime College invites applications for Master of Training Ship. The Master has ultimate command of the Maritime College Training Ship and is responsible for its safe and efficient operation, including: ship's seaworthiness; safety and security conditions; training operations; safe navigation; crew management; and ensuring that the vessel complies with all federal, state and international laws and regulations, as well as Maritime Administration (MARAD), State (SUNY), Maritime College, Classification Society (ABS) and Flag State rules and policies.

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