Professional Mariner - September 2020

Another day in paradise for agile island tug

P&R Water Taxi is based in Kewalo Basin, where it builds its Tiger tugboats that work across Hawaii. The 4,400-hp Tiger 21 is one of more than a dozen Tiger tugs that P&R Water Taxi has built at its shipyard in Kewalo Basin, just west of Waikiki in downtown Honolulu. These nimble tugs, designed by P&R owner Charlie Pires with help from a Hawaiian naval architect, work in all of Hawaii’s commercial ports. P&R also has a contract to handle Navy ships in Pearl Harbor.

Coast Guard warns that inaccurate vessel data can undermine AIS

A spring collision on the Mississippi River that resulted in several fatalities has spurred the U.S. Coast Guard to ramp up efforts to get two points across about automatic identification systems: that it’s unsafe to rely solely on the communication tool to know what vessels are nearby, and that improper entry of AIS data can even be deadly.