Professional Mariner - September 2012

Rotating winch proves it can keep escort tugs more stable

The Auto Position Escort Winch (APEW) system, pioneered by JonRie InterTech, represents emergent technology that allows escort tugs to assist with utmost maneuverability, increased safety and better reaction time for a pilot or ship operator to act in the event of a steering or propulsion failure.

First-ever lightering support vessels prove to be nimble

In mid May, Capt. E.J. “Junior” Breaux was at the controls of AET Excellence, the second in a four-boat series of purpose-built lightering support vessels (LSVs) constructed at Leevac Shipyards in Jennings, La., for AET Offshore Services of Galveston, Texas.

Seafarer study examines health care complaints, medical needs

Reliable data on health care for the 1.2 million seafarers worldwide is hard to come by, so that’s why a provider of international maritime medical management services is teaming up with Yale University to study injuries and illnesses of crewmembers on board bluewater vessels.