Professional Mariner - October-November 2013

Coast Guard seeks comments on rule requiring PFDs aboard barges

A proposal to require the use of personal flotation devices (PFDs) aboard uninspected commercial barges has generated concern among some marine operators, but a U.S. Coast Guard official calls it a “low impact” provision in line with policies that most companies already have in place.

Carnival cruise ship blackout blamed on poor engine-room firefighting

A Carnival Corp. cruise ship carrying 4,466 people went dead in the water off Mexico in 2010 because a connecting-rod fracture sparked an engine fire that was allowed to get a stranglehold on the vessel’s wiring due to crew error and firefighting-equipment failure, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Tier 3 timelines, requirements, exemptions

EPA regulations timeline Tier 1: 2004 Tier 2: 2007-2013 0.9-7.0 liters per cylinder Tier 3: 2012-2014 0.9-7.0 liters per cylinder Tier 4: 2014-2017 max. power greater than 600 kW/804 hp Tier 3 timeline Displacement L/cyl <0.9 L/cly >75 kW 2012…

Marine engine makers gear up for stiffer emissions standards

As marine engines that meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 emission requirements enter the market, manufacturers are preparing for Tier 4 standards on large marine diesels using technology comparable to that found on highway engines.