Professional Mariner - March 2018

Navy report cites ‘multiple failures’ by watch standers in fatal collisions

A U.S. Navy report on collisions involving USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain with merchant ships last year, killing 17 Navy sailors, has found that the warships’ crews could not cope with the developing scenarios due to lack of preparation, ineffective command and control, and deficiencies in training and preparation for navigation.

MetalCraft patroller for Bangladesh a model of simplicity

Slicing through the drizzle and mist on the Cataraqui River at Kingston, Ontario, on a trial run before delivery to the Bangladeshi army, Bob Clark, contracts manager for MetalCraft Marine, was suited up against the chill and had the patrol boat’s throttles full forward.

Casualty briefs

Ice and high water in the Ohio River caused 61 barges to break away in separate incidents in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Cybershot across the bow: Data manipulation and GPS spoofing

In September 2015, in an appearance before the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that the next “push of the envelope” in cyber might be attacks that change or manipulate electronic information in order to compromise its accuracy or reliability, instead of the more easily detected deletion or disruption of access to information.