Professional Mariner - March 2014

Pushboat Fury adds to Harley Marine Gulf’s fleet

When Harley Marine Services acquired MGI of Houston in 2011, the Seattle-based company spawned its 10th subsidiary, Harley Marine Gulf, and established itself on all of the U.S. coasts and the country’s commercial inland river system.

Safety management systems may transform towing industry

John Rutledge is the captain of Sun Coast, an 85-foot, 1,800-hp Dann Marine Towing tug that operates in the Baltimore area. A hawsepiper, the captain has seen a multitude of changes in his long career, but few as significant as the coming of vessel safety management systems.

Maritime-themed movies, TV shows can inspire new seafarers

Pirates! German U-boats trying to torpedo the convoy! Passengers and crew held captive! The captain gets washed overboard in a typhoon! The hazards of being at sea on a commercial vessel, in peace and during war, have been the basis for some great movies and television series.