Professional Mariner - June-July 2018

Panama Canal at a glance

  • The Panama Canal extends 50 miles across the isthmus from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It cost $375 million to build the waterway, which opened in 1914. • The nine-year project to add a third set…

TSB: Failure of fuel hose connection caused fire on BC tugboat

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has determined that the separation of a flexible fuel hose and a copper tube, which were held together only by a clamp, spilled diesel onto generator components and ignited an engine room fire on a British Columbia tugboat.

Casualty briefs

Cargo ship strikes pier, spills oil in New Orleans The cargo ship Pac Antares struck a pier on the Lower Mississippi River in New Orleans, spilling more than 4,200 gallons of oil into the waterway. The 587-foot ship hit the…

Find yourself in a job pinch? Work ashore for sea-time credit

Maybe it’s because we are used to laying out a course to get from one place to another, but there is no doubt that most of the mariners I’ve known have had very specific plans to achieve their goals — personally, financially and professionally.