Professional Mariner - February 2013

Pollution responders cleanse beached tanker

When Hurricane Sandy deposited John B. Caddell onto a city street, the tanker became the storm’s first vessel pollution response site. The hull was breached, and fuel spilled into Upper New York Bay. Inside the single-skin vessel, bay-water ingress created…

Salvage team overcomes challenges to remove Puerto Rico mystery ship

It was the recipe for a salvage nightmare: a grounded freighter with a compromised hull, thousands of gallons of fuel, tons of oil-soaked cargo, a pair of tropical storms, and endangered coral and sea turtles — all on an uninhabited Caribbean island more than 40 miles from the nearest port.

Scientists, salvors cooperate to protect coral

Vessel groundings are tough enough on coral. But in many cases salvage operations just make things worse, with dragging anchors and cables inflicting more damage than the initial impact of a hull.