Professional Mariner - December 2016/January 2017

Coast Guard halts public disclosure of MMC exam questions

The U.S. Coast Guard is no longer publicly disclosing its Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) examination questions, a change instituted under the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015 that some stakeholders say will reduce the number of credentials issued.

Casualty briefs

El Faro VDR yields audio,new clues about sinking National Transportation Safety Board technicians have recovered roughly 26 hours of audio and weather and navigational data from El Faro’s voyage data recorder, which was recovered Aug. 8 from a depth of…

Tier 4 at a glance

In May 2004, as part of the Nonroad Diesel Tier 4 Rule, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized new requirements that decrease allowable levels of sulfur in marine diesel fuel by 99 percent. These fuel improvements, which began to take effect…