Professional Mariner - American-Tugboat-Review 2013

LNG tugs are coming, but when is unclear

Within the past two years, liquefied natural gas (LNG) has gained a major foothold in the U.S. maritime industry. Large ferry companies in the Unites States and Canada are planning to adopt the fuel, and several U.S. operators have placed…

Panama Canal tugboats to use GE engines

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has commissioned the construction of 14 new tugboats using 28 8L250 engines manufactured by GE Marine, a division of GE Transportation. The canal authority intends to increase its tugboat fleet by 20 percent in anticipation…

Bob Franco

Harley acquires a versatile new tug built to withstand the rigors of Alaska

Inlet Knight

Nicely appointed tug makes log-towing a pleasure for its crew

Chloe K & Zeus

G&H Towing gets compact version of Robert Allan Z-Tech boats

Athena & Apollo

Seabulk Towing gets two capable docking tugs also outfitted for towing


New powerful, beamy docking tug makes light work of tough jobs

Signet Magic

Signet Magic: Small, powerful tug designed to thrive in tight spots


Tug serving Southeast Alaska off to a good start and promising future

Roger F. Wicker

New Blessey towboat has all the bells and whistles, even a place to lift weights