Professional Mariner - American-Ship-Review 2017

Moving forward with LNG

The oil doldrums may have slowed the advance of liquefied natural gas for marine propulsion in 2016, but make no mistake — the U.S.-flagged LNG fleet is growing. Here is a look at developments in the past year: • In…

Year at a glance

September 2016 • The U.S. Coast Guard selects Eastern Shipbuilding over Bollinger Shipyards and Bath Iron Works for an offshore patrol cutter contract worth up to $10 billion.  August 2016 • Crowley Maritime takes delivery of West Virginia, the last…

Eastern wins long-awaited OPC contract; icebreakers gain in Congress

As the calendar flipped to September, all eyes in the world of military shipbuilding turned intently to Washington as the Coast Guard prepared to deliver the biggest procurement plum in decades: a contract potentially worth $10 billion to build up to 25 offshore patrol cutters.

2017 Ship of the Year: Protector

The “May grays” had dropped a heavy morning curtain on Port of Long Beach, but the lack of sunshine did little to tarnish the gleam of Protector, the harbor’s new fireboat.

Changing times, changing missions

The Port of Long Beach contains 10 piers, 80 berths and 22 shipping terminals equipped with 66 post-Panamax gantry cranes. It also includes several sizable marina complexes in Rainbow Harbor, Naples and Alamitos Bay. The Long Beach Fire Department is…

Protector specifications

Owner/Operator: Port of Long Beach, Calif./Long Beach Fire Department Designer: Robert Allan Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia Builder: Foss Maritime Co., Seattle, Wash. Dimensions: L: 108’ B: 35’ D: 15’ Mission: Firefighting and emergency response Crew size: Four to six HULL • Single…

Atlantic Pioneer

On a blue-sea, blue-sky day at Quonset Point in North Kingstown, R.I., Atlantic Pioneer cleared the breakwater and entered Narragansett Bay.

Atlantic Pioneer specifications

Owner/Operator: Atlantic Wind Transfers, North Kingstown, R.I. Designer: South Boats IOW, United Kingdom Builder: Blount Boats, Warren, R.I. Dimensions: L: 70.5’ B: 24’ D: 4.1’ Mission: Offshore wind farm support Crew size: Two to three HULL • All-aluminum catamaran PERFORMANCE • Top…

Magnolia State

In 2006, General Dynamics NASSCO took on a five-ship contract to build product tankers for U.S. Shipping Partners LP.

Safety first with PMA+

Magnolia State and the other ECO-class tankers built by NASSCO carry the PMA+ notation from the American Bureau of Shipping, recognizing the advanced ergonomic design — and improved safety — of access points to tanks and holds. The ABS guidelines…

Magnolia State specifications

Owner/Operator: American Petroleum Tankers (APT), Plymouth Meeting, Pa.  Designer: DSEC, Busan, South Korea Builder: General Dynamics NASSCO, San Diego, Calif. Dimensions: L: 610’ B: 106’ D: 63’ Mission: U.S. Jones Act product tanker used for coast-wise trade Crew size: Up to…

Harvey Sub-Sea

Deep into the Gulf of Mexico oil field doldrums, there are still a few support vessel hulls moving module-by-module toward completion.

Rising to the challenge

Shepherding a ship the size and complexity of Harvey Sub-Sea from blueprint to reality is a tall task. A partial list of challenges faced by Vard Marine included: • Designing a vessel that required a minimum of parts per ton…

Harvey Sub-Sea specifications

Owner/Operator: Harvey Gulf International Marine, New Orleans, La.  Designer: Vard Marine, Vancouver, British Columbia Builder: Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Fla. Dimensions: L: 340’ B: 73’ D: 29.3’ Mission: Multipurpose support vessel Crew size: 14 HULL • Single hull steel PERFORMANCE • Cruising…

Woods Hole

The Massachusetts port of Woods Hole harbors an extensive collection of watercraft, most notably fisheries and oceanographic research vessels and the Steamship Authority’s fleet of ferries.

Woods Hole specifications

Owner/Operator: Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority, Mashpee, Mass. Designer: Elliott Bay Design Group, Seattle, Wash. Builder: Conrad Shipyard, Morgan City, La. Dimensions: L: 235’ B: 64’ D: 10.5’ Mission: Freight and passenger ferry Crew size: Two  HULL • Single…

Crew/supply boats

A deafening silence has descended on shipyards along the Gulf Coast in the wake of the titanic sinking of the global oil market.


Hornblower Inc.’s preparations in 2016 for the new Citywide Ferry Service in New York included perhaps the largest single ferry order in U.S. history, while major West Coast operators moved ahead with plans to replace older vessels.


Two impressive West Coast arrivals paced the fireboat sector in 2016, with the delivery of Protector to the Port of Long Beach and Fireboat 3 to the San Francisco Fire Department.


The demand for data from the world’s oceans continues to grow as researchers respond to the effects of climate change and look to advance the extent and accuracy of seafloor mapping.


North American yacht builders continue to work to regain the strength sapped by the economic turmoil of 2009.

Top 50 index 2017

This register lists vessels of interest to professional mariners completed by North American shipyards in the year ended Sept. 1, 2016.