Professional Mariner - American-Ship-Review 2013

Pilots, Fire, Patrol

Two fireboats for Boston harbor, one for the city and the other for Logan International Airport, highlight this sector, and this year has seen some promising new orders, notably for the San Francisco Fire Department. Patrol boats and utility boats have also been strong, and the crop of new pilot boats includes Connor Foss, from Foss Maritime’s Rainier shipyard.


This year has seen the first firm order for a new dual-fuel ferry from Canada and continued interest in natural gas-powered ferries in the United States.

Crew/supply boats

Oil rules along the Gulf’s shipyard coast, and confidence ebbed for a while after Deepwater Horizon. The drilling moratorium saw rigs and support vessels leaving for oil fields off the coasts of Brazil and Africa.

Harbour Island

When Newcastle Shipyards was approached to build Harbour Island, the brief was simple: build a go-anywhere, finely finished, charter-ready yacht with a shallow draft.

Connor Foss

The notorious Columbia River bar is one of the most dangerous river entrances in the world, and it’s just the first of many navigational hazards that ships face on the dredged, 43-foot channel that extends 100 miles upriver to the ports of Vancouver, Wash., and Portland, Ore. Two pilotage associations, the Columbia River Bar Pilots and the Columbia River Pilots, have cooperated for years to provide a seamless service to visiting vessels, which now total more than 2,000 annually.

Top 50 index 2013

This register lists significant commercial or civilian-crewed vessels completed by North American yards in the year ended Sept. 1, 2012. In the case of sister vessels built by the same yard, we list only one.


Throughout history, shifting dirt from one place to another has consumed much of man’s energy and intelligence, resulting in ingenious, sometimes cruel, and often inventive solutions to the problem of moving huge quantities of material. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moves a lot of dirt, and it has designed a new dredge with which to do it.

Sea Scout

If you’re a survey company and you’re out for two weeks at a time mapping the ocean floor, you need a low-speed boat. But if you have a low-speed boat, the last thing you want is to waste 24 hours getting to and from your survey site.

American Phoenix

American Phoenix is a vessel reborn from the ashes, the lone survivor of an ambitious plan by Shell to build three top-of-the line Jones Act product carriers that could deliver petroleum to Florida’s shallow-draft ports more efficiently than the competition…

Harvey Champion

Building on the achievements of its first Tiger Shark-class platform supply vessels, Eastern Shipbuilding Group has launched a new series of three boats featuring diesel-electric propulsion, enhanced berthing and unprecedented environmental credentials.

Budget impasse means Navy is thinking the unthinkable

For the next few years, the Navy’s course is certain, right? No longer required to support two wars in different regions at the same time, it will focus on the South China Sea, moving from a 50-50 split of forces between Pacific and Atlantic to a 60-40 tilt. Its size will stabilize at around 300 ships. An influx of faster, lighter vessels will augment its heavy hitters.

A year of blockbuster contracts

Shipyards love contracts for multiple vessels, which mean steady work and a guaranteed order book. Many yards have had their wishes granted in the last few months with blockbuster orders from heavy hitters such as Edison Chouest Offshore, Hornbeck and Harvey Gulf.