Professional Mariner - American-Ship-Review 2012

Bernard C. Webber

The U.S. Coast Guard loves tradition, but there's one that its crews won't mind losing: the bumpy ride in the forward berths on its Island-class patrol boats, a space affectionately known as the anti-gravity chamber. Better seakeeping, in fact, is…

Top 50 index 2012

This register lists vessels of interest to professional mariners completed by North American shipyards in the year ended Sept. 1, 2011. In the case of sister vessels built by the same yard, we list only one. AET Innovator, 185' Lightering…

Waiting for Washington

Despite the announcement that more than 20 million deepwater acres in the western Gulf will be auctioned off to leasing in December, permits are not being issued fast enough to satisfy shipyards hungry for workboat orders.

Christopher Wheatley

Ever vigilant, the 92-foot fireboat Victor L. Schlaeger and its full-time crew have served the city of Chicago well.

Carpe Diem

The notion that form must follow function is both a necessity and a challenge when it comes to mega-yachts.


Swan Quarter, a new 220-foot, 50-vehicle ferry, is built for the short chop and constant winds of North Carolina's shallow Pamlico Sound.

Grand Manan Adventure

When the province of New Brunswick started looking into a new ferry to serve Grand Manan, the largest island in the Bay of Fundy, its crews and engineers began discussing where they needed to make improvements to boost capacity over the existing boats.

AET Innovator

It's a safe bet that most Americans don't realize how much of the crude oil they import is lightered offshore from supertankers to smaller vessels that can meet the draft restrictions in ports such as Houston, Texas, or Morgan City, La.

Dwight S. Ramsay

When Aries Marine Corp. crews assembled around the beginning of this year for sea trials on two platform supply vessels, they expected a unique experience.

Pilots, Fire, Patrol

A 64-foot fireboat capable of 45 knots, a new series of yard patrol boats for the U.S. Naval Academy and a trickle of pilot boats highlight this busy segment of the industry.

Will Navy's future plans get 'pushed to the right'?

Within a month of taking office this summer as Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta was pleading with Congress not to slash the Pentagon budget, already on the hook for $350 billion in cuts over the next 10 years.

Crew/Supply Boats

The refrain of Gulf Coast shipyards, lining the bayous close to the offshore oil, has morphed from location, location, location to uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty.

Dixie 320

The demand for offshore construction and service vessels that can operate in deeper water to capture energy from fossil fuels, wind, tide or current is increasing. So is the lofty leg length of lift boats, the dimension by which such…