Crowley, Watco partner to support offshore wind energy

The companies will provide a 'one-stop shop' for stakeholders

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) — Crowley and Watco are partnering to create a single-source terminal and supply chain management solution to support the emerging offshore wind industry.

With the growing number of wind projects planned for U.S. waters, the partnership brings together industry-leading project management and logistics experts who can provide a “one-stop shop” for owners, operators and local port authorities in support of the offshore wind industry.

“This partnership will provide turnkey services for the offshore wind industry in the area of terminal management,” said Lynda Patterson, senior vice president of Logistics, Watco. “Crowley and Watco will work together to leverage our respective expertise in logistics, project management, and energy support to create innovative solutions to meet full life-cycle project needs.“

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Watco will use its skill set in onshore wind terminal management and ongoing relationships with OEMs to develop state-of-the-art terminal management offerings for the offshore wind industry. Watco and Crowley will collaborate to provide customized terminal design, project management, warehousing, logistics, supply chain management and equipment maintenance through their commercial expertise and curated supply chain networks.

Crowley will provide its offshore logistics offerings through the utilization of its Jones Act-compliant fleet of vessels, engineering services and cross-over expertise in oil and gas. This includes the design and operation of service operation vessels (SOVs), crew transfer vessels (CTVs), turbine maintenance, offshore substation repair and maintenance, and additional services necessary to sustain offshore wind energy operations.Watco partners with Crowley to support U.S. offshore wind companies with logistics.

“Crowley and Watco are partnering to deliver safe, reliable, comprehensive life-cycle services for the offshore wind sector,” said Jeff Andreini, vice president, New Energy division, Crowley. “We understand that wind power companies entering the U.S. market have big needs, including infrastructure and supply chain. We’ve engineered high performing equipment and logistics offerings to answer their needs, anchored by decades of experience to solve the challenges of both.”

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