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Job Title: Chief Engineer, R/V ATLANTIC EXPLORER
Reports to: Marine Superintendent                           
Pay: Bi-weekly or Monthly, by direct deposit
Minimum 2 years of experience sailing as an Engineering Officer on tugs, supply vessels, or other vessel of similar size and power to R/V ATLANTIC EXPLORER (171 feet LOA, 1880 horsepower)..
Preferred – U.S. Coast Guard License, minimum rating as follows– Chief Engineer of not more than 1,600 Gross Registered Tons (Domestic Tonnage), 3000 HP. Lower ratings will be considered, if necessary. All STCW Certifications and Certificates as required for U.S. Coast Guard License above.
Current U.S. Passport for making International Voyages
Also Considered – Non–U.S. Chief Engineers license similar to above, with all proper STCW certifications. Valid Passport, with the ability to obtain a U.S C1/D or B1/B2 Visa. 
Primary Duties:
Maintain the vessel’s main engines, generators, frames and winches, and all other mechanical and electrical equipment and systems required for the daily operation of the vessel. Oversee ship’s engineering crew, assign watches and duties, and assist Marine Superintendent in writing crew evaluations. Stand 2 4-hour watches while at sea, with other duties as necessary to carry out mission.
Secondary Duties:
Maintain all operational logs, monitor fuel and lube oil consumption, maintain parts inventory for all mechanical and electrical components of vessel.
Shipyard Duties:
Work with Marine Superintendent and Port Captain to prepare Shipyard Repair and Modification Specifications. Oversee all shipyard work for any and all equipment listed in Primary Duties. Oversee and manage ship’s engineering crew, engineering vendors and subcontractors, and shipyard shops as their work pertains to the vessel’s equipment listed above.
Normal working hours at the dock are from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday, with an unpaid hour for lunch. Sunday is a paid port day off when in home port. Sea days are up to 12 hours duration, and paid at 1.5 times the normal daily rate. Work days are normally 7 days/week. During shipyard visits, all days are up to 12 hours duration, and paid at 1.5 times the normal daily rate. This is a daily paid position and all working hours must be accounted for on the appropriate bi-weekly time sheet, on a daily basis.  All other terms are per the BIOS Summary of Employment Guidelines & Benefits.
The person hired for this positon will be expected to work a minimum total of 175 days/year (at sea, at shipyard, and at BIOS), with pro-rated vacation days earned based on the number of days worked. All travel costs to/from point of hire will be paid by BIOS, and travel days are paid at the normal daily rate.
BIOS is an equal opportunity employer and operates a drug-free workplace and learning environment.
BIOS, founded in 1903 as the Bermuda Biological Station, is an independent U.S. not-for-profit marine research and education organization. Gifts are U.S. tax-deductible.
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