Author: Rich Miller


The demand for data from the world’s oceans continues to grow as researchers respond to the effects of climate change and look to advance the extent and accuracy of seafloor mapping.

Citing costs, Shell abandons offshore oil drilling in Alaska Arctic

After overcoming regulatory hurdles and environmental protests to resume offshore oil drilling in the Arctic, Royal Dutch Shell abruptly reversed course in September and suspended its efforts “for the foreseeable future” when an exploratory well produced disappointing results.

Isla Bella

Five years ago, shipowners questioning whether liquefied natural gas was the fuel of the future could cite two simple reasons for not making the move: There wasn’t enough supply infrastructure in place to create demand for LNG-powered ships, and there wasn’t enough demand for LNG ships to stimulate investment in infrastructure.

Marjorie C

The 692-foot Marjorie C had just docked in San Diego as part of its second round-trip between the U.S. mainland and its home port of Honolulu.


The dream of North American ferries powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) became a reality in 2015 with the arrival and launch of the first such vessels in the St. Lawrence River — one built overseas and one produced by Quebec’s Davie Shipyard.

Probe: Botched engine order led to ship damaging grain facility

A communication breakdown and confusion on the bridge — including the captain repeatedly yelling “Stop the engine!” on the phone, to no avail — led a bulk carrier to strike a grain elevator on the Houston Ship Channel, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has determined.