Author: David A. Tyler

Trump’s new waterways plan ‘a big disconnect’ for towing industry

Towing industry officials are concerned that President Trump’s 2019 budget and waterways infrastructure proposal will fragment the national system, complicate capital funding and provide no clear method to accomplish one of the White House’s major goals: privatization of transportation infrastructure projects.

Navy report cites ‘multiple failures’ by watch standers in fatal collisions

A U.S. Navy report on collisions involving USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain with merchant ships last year, killing 17 Navy sailors, has found that the warships’ crews could not cope with the developing scenarios due to lack of preparation, ineffective command and control, and deficiencies in training and preparation for navigation.

Four years later, Subchapter M remains just a proposal

Mired in an endgame that has taken much longer than anyone thought at the time, a U.S. regulatory regime for inspection of towing vessels is entering its fifth year of discussions since the proposed rule was first published.

Alaska escort contract resurrects debate over winch safety

The renewal of the contract for tugboats and recovery barges in the escort and oil-recovery program in Alaska’s Prince William Sound is seen as a chance to bring in the best available technology for towing winches, a concern of a local citizens group.