Author: Story and photos by Brian Gauvin

Tug festival of parades, lights and heritage

Wendy Murray, manager at the Alcove Marina & Pub, a funky tavern perched on a backwater channel of the Hudson River in Schuylerville, N.Y., summed it up: “All we hear about all year long is the Waterford Tugboat Roundup.”


Throughout history, shifting dirt from one place to another has consumed much of man’s energy and intelligence, resulting in ingenious, sometimes cruel, and often inventive solutions to the problem of moving huge quantities of material. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moves a lot of dirt, and it has designed a new dredge with which to do it.

‘Twin Towers’ assist with Manhattan dredge work

Tugboaters and tugboat watchers took notice of identical twin tugs working in the Port of New York this spring and summer. “The guys on the dredge call us the Twin Towers,” said Capt. Barry Sadler, referring to the Dann Marine…

Crew/Supply Boats

The refrain of Gulf Coast shipyards, lining the bayous close to the offshore oil, has morphed from location, location, location to uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty.

Dixie 320

The demand for offshore construction and service vessels that can operate in deeper water to capture energy from fossil fuels, wind, tide or current is increasing. So is the lofty leg length of lift boats, the dimension by which such…