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Thumbnail Cover 150pxProfessional Mariner magazine’s new American Mariner Training Directory (AMTD) is committed to providing the most comprehensive, user friendly resource to find schools and course offerings throughout the U.S. by state. The directory will be updated annually, and will be an efficient way for a mariner to locate a training provider to keep certifications current. The directory will also be a valuable resource for high school counselors to help students enter the maritime field. The American Mariner Training Directory is FREE (digitally) to all public and private high schools in the United States.

Key Features:
• Listing by State for all approved USCG training facilities as well as non-United States Coast Guard approved courses and the schools that offer them.
• Listing of all USCG/STCW Courses and the schools that offer those courses.
• Listing of other (non USCG) training that offers other career advancement opportunities, such as Pilot training and international certifications by U.S. training providers.
Maritime career path and licensing information.

American Mariner Training Directory Audience:

Professional Mariner: As an annual issue, the American Mariner Training Directory will have visibility all year to Professional Mariner readers.
Shows: The American Mariner Training Directory will be distributed at major industry shows/maritime events
Professional Mariner website: The American Mariner Training Directory will be accessible from the website.
High Schools: The American Mariner Training Directory will be available to High School guidance counselors.
Maritime Training Centers/Schools: All educators who advertise will get extra copies for their schools

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Reader Industry Demographics:
76% Professional Mariner readers hold one or more maritime licenses. Readers are licensed and need continued education and training.


The American Mariner Training Directory will feature a free listing for all USCG training schools by state and by course. We are offering a full range of enhanced listing packages to highlight your school and course. You can enhance your school/training listing with a display ad and also highlight your school and course so it separated you from the crowd.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get your school and/or course offerings in front of our readers. The American Mariner Training Directory will give your business visibility to a valuable audience all year.

The American Mariner Training Directory above is a preview/sample. The schools featured within are for illustrative purposes only.

Media Kit:
Download our media kit for more information on enhanced listing and advertising packages available.

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