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Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots seeking Executive Director

May 30, 2017 07:15 AM



The Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots is seeking an experienced leader to serve as the Executive Director.
The Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots' (OBMP) mission is to promote public safety by assuring, through training, education, and examination, that only the most qualified persons are licensed to pilot ships in Oregon waterways. Board members are appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate. The Board consists of three public members, three pilot members, and three shipping industry members.
OBMP is an other-funds agency, funded through license fees paid by pilots (Columbia Bar, Columbia River, Coos Bay, and Yaquina Bay); and transit fees assessed on ships entering and departing the Columbia River, Coos Bay, and Yaquina Bay. The agency exists within the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC). This is a full-time (40 hours per week), Executive Service non-supervisory position and is not eligible for overtime.
If you have questions regarding this position, please contact Dana Northrup, Human Resource Analyst, at (503) 378-6265.


Duties & Responsibilities

The person in this position serves as principal interface between the Board of Maritime Pilots and State licensed pilots, and among industry stakeholders including the shipping industry, environmental community, state and federal government regulatory agencies, contractors, and the public. This position implements the objectives and goals of OBMP. The position requires both operational and strategic management of the Board's business and it responds to the needs of the board.  

Major duties include:

• Implements the objectives and goals of the OBMP. Develops strategic plans and operational goals for the Board's Committees. Serves as the Board's central contact person for activities affecting OBMP and for matters concerning the Board's perspective on issues. Keeps the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, and Board members up-to-date on issues affecting the Board; has general oversight responsibility of the administration of the Board.
• Administers program for the medical review of pilots, forwarding recommendations to the Board concerning medical review; takes necessary actions (notifying the pilot associations regarding medical review, etc.) based on the medical reviews.
• Assists in annual maritime pilot licensing procedures.
• Participates/directs maritime incident investigations. Initiates investigations of maritime incidents that potentially involve pilot safety, pilot error, and/or other pilot misconduct for which a licensee issued may be disciplined. Is responsible for the preparation and presentation of investigative reports including a recommendation for pilot discipline to the Board.
• Works with the Department of Justice to coordinate, review, analyze, and make recommendations concerning rate case filings. Ensures all timelines are met, proper discovery procedures are adhered to, and that the Board is fully apprised of issues resulting from rate cases.
• Manages the Board's budget ensuring budget limitation is not exceeded. Coordinates with the PUC's Chief Operating Officer if Emergency Board or other Legislative budget action is required for continued operations of OBMP.
• Works with the OBMP Administrator and all stakeholders to assure that pilot training and continuing education programs are effective. These programs must thoroughly train and educate entry pilots and assure that veteran pilots receive the advanced training and review education necessary for the safe conduct of maritime commerce. The Executive Director will stay abreast of professional standards to assure that the programs are current and maximally effective.
• Under the direction of the Board, consults and coordinates with other state and federal agencies charged with protecting the environment and with the oil and hazardous chemical shipping industry and apprises the Board of issues related to the Board's goals, objectives, and policies.
• Undertakes any other function, task, or duty as may reasonably be assigned by the Board Chair, including, but not limited to, performing research and analysis, and obtaining documents and other evidence for Board activities, including rate hearings. Works with the Board Chair and OBMP Administrator to establish meeting agendas, strategic direction, annual work plans and related duties. The Executive Director attends and participates, as a non-voting member, in the meetings of all committees established by the Board.

• The Executive Director in collaboration with the PUC Chief Operating Officer provides the state legislature with appropriate budget recommendations and policy information and recommendations pursuant to Board direction. Duties include presenting to the public and testifying before government agencies and legislative committees. Maintains open channels of communication between the Board and legislative participants. Initiates and conducts informative meetings with Legislators and other representatives. Prepares and delivers testimony on behalf of the Board.
OBMP has been regulating maritime pilots since 1846 to ensure and maintain the highest standards for pilot qualifications, training, and rates for piloting service. OBMP provides for safe, competent, and efficient maritime pilot services for Oregon by overseeing that pilots are creating safe conditions for maritime traffic; providing timely piloting services; and that pilots are skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. The Board conducts rate hearings and tariff adjustments on a regular basis to maintain fair and steady rates that withstand economic fluctuations. Offices are located in the heart of bustling Portland and conveniently located to the Lloyd Center, the MAX line, and quick access to Interstate 84 (I-84) and Interstate 5 (I-5).
OBMP employees are eligible for benefit plans that pay up to 99% of the health care premiums for coverage of employees and dependents, membership in the Public Employee Retirement System; 11 paid holidays per year; 24 hours of personal leave per year; vacation leave earned at a minimum rate of 10 hours per month, and sick leave earned at a rate of 8 hours per month; and many other benefits
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The Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer Committed to Workforce Diversity.


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