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Browse NauticExpo to find more information on port cranes. invites you to visit NauticExpo, the online boating and maritime trade show. On NauticExpo, you can exlpore a site devoted to crawler mounted cranes, rail mounted cranes and luffing jib cranes.

Forklift Truck

Forklift trucks are used to lift and move materials. In a port terminal, they are mostly used to move and place containers on the central reservation, but also to load or unload the ship and the truck. Forklift truck drivers must be efficient and precise, in order to operate as quickly and safely as possible.

Mobile Crane

Within a port terminal, almost all cranes are mobile cranes. They are either on wheels, mounted on rails or equipped with caterpillar tracks. Their mobile capacity is very useful for loading and unloading cargo ships, such as bulk carriers, due to the fact that they can move alongside the wharf and easily access the different holds.


Deck Crane

Some cargo ships are equipped with deck cranes. They are very useful to lift and move materials on the ship and to load or unload them in non-equipped port, or to increase the pace of the loading/unloading. There are a lot of different deck cranes, depending on their function: fixed or rail-mounted, boom crane, articulated, telescopic, etc.


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