May 2011

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Increments and corrections

Readers note apparent violation of Jones Act

Homeland Security Advisory System Officially Dead

Results of the April 12-13 Meeting of NMSAC – Part 3

ABS publishes guide on propulsion systems for LNG-fueled ships

IMO Issues Guidance on Use of Armed Security in IO

U.S. Coast Guard, Amver vessels search for missing ship crewman

Results of the April 12-13 Meeting of NMSAC – Part 2

NMSAC Makes Recommendations on Seafarer Shore Access

NTAS and Maritime Security Levels

GAO Says No to Mailing TWICs to Homes

Emsysâ„¢ Emissions Monitoring Technology Developed for Compliance

ABS issues new standards for living conditions aboard workboats

Flight to the Bottom of 5 Seas

Maritime industry launches Sustainable Shipping Initiative

Interlake Steamship announces christening of M/V Hon. James L. Oberstar

Three missing after box ship and fishing boat collide near Gulfport

MarAd's Matsuda to present posthumous Merchant Mariner Medals

Unusual Sightings - Bahamas

Unusual Sightings - Vietnam

TWIC program may not be reliable enough, government audit says

Two ship crews combine to rescue 6 from overturned Fla. catamaran

Pennsylvania career center to offer new two-week deckhand course

Christening of USNS William McLean

Coast Guard captain confronts oil spills as if they were war 'enemy'

Credential renewal process praised

Piracy Solutions - Utilizing assets

Barge crewman saves captain's life after cabin cruiser sinks off Mass.

GPA Provides Design Validation to Marinette Marine Corporation for Alaska Region Research Vessel

GPA Designs Barges For Panama Canal Authority

Six-cylinder tugs prove their mettle in Mobile Bay

On a crisp day in early January, the Crescent Towing tugboat Lisa Cooper crossed the Mobile River and joined the shiny new tug J.K. McLean at the C&G Boat Works dock.