Piracy Solutions

Mar 19, 2011 12:00 AM
We, the free world at large that is, have been far too lenient with regards to Somalia and their unacceptable behavior both internally and externally.
We, the govt. have admitted that all the monies ( hundreds of millions) we have directed to the transitional ( sic ) govt. of Somalia has done no good whatsoever and there is no end in sight and lawlessness reigns supreme.
What to do:
1- Let all vessels in that part of the world carry arms, if they choose to, and have no penalty for engaging any act of Piracy.
2- All countries Immediately cut off all monetary and humanitarian support to Somalia. They have shown no interest as a nation to even try at civility.
3- Line the Somalian coastline ( outside in International waters) with warships from all nations which have had a ship of any nature ( commercial or pleasure) hijacked.
4- Demand the immediate return of all hostages.
5- Search all boats leaving Somalia and if any weapons aboard, immediately sink them and hold crew for immediate military trial at sea..Punishment to meet the crime. Execution if any passengers have been killed and hold a like amount of prisoners until all of the prisoners are returned.
6- After an appropriate amount of time (??) military engagement on shore to release hostages and if there are casualties, torch all known ( and we do know where they are ) havens for pirates and terrorists...
7- Support all surrounding countries with foreign aid as long as their goals are in keeping with ours vis a vis Somalia. Ie...keep them completely isolated from the world.
Harsh but we need to show them the world will not tolerate this kind of behavior from any nation and we will not negotiate with terrorists and MEAN IT!!
Submitted By Michael Rich
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