Piracy Solutions

Mar 23, 2011 12:00 AM
This article will show a solution to piracy as well raiding the land bases of the pirates which is the “ROOT TO THE PROBLEM OF PIRACY”. Using the Somali military and the African Union forces with the support of the international navies providing anti-piracy patrols. The pirates have the upper hand by having hostages, as the world has recently seen when provoked the pirates will not hesitate to kill!!! A successful outcome begins with the proper preparations. This will start with face-to-face negotiations. By informing the pirate bosses that the owners of all hijacked ships want to pay all ransoms at one time allowing for all the vessels to get underway as a group preventing the chance of re-hijacking. Dealing directly with the men that are in control of the pirate crews on each vessel the bosses feel in control and relaxed, for success the pirates trust must be gained. The hijacked vessels are at anchorage which allows for security personnel to board each vessel from the opposite side when the ransoms are dropped on the ships.
This is the most important aspect once the vessels are freed the pirates no longer have the upper hand. The pirates will be informed that there will be 31 ransom drops at one time from 31 different helicopters to prevent the possibility of an accident which would mean the loss ransom if in fact there were to be ransom drops. The greatest trick the devil ever proved was proving to the world that he didn’t exist by the use of “DECEPTION”.
The most dangerous time of the ransom exchange is the recovery of the ransom. The pirates become very violent towards each other losing focus of what’s going on around them which allows for highly trained security personnel to react. With trained security personnel, the loss of life is greatly reduced. When the pirates are confronted they surrender without incident. While security personnel are securing the vessels, the Somali Army along with the African Union Forces will be raiding the land bases of the pirates. Raiding the pirate bases while the ransoms are being dropped will divide the pirates who will be focused on the recovery of the ransom not expecting their bases to be raided. With the rounding up of all suspected mother ships and pirate action groups along with the raiding of the pirate bases piracy will be “TERMINATED”. 
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