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Question: Will I be able to renew my credentials if I have had a heart attack or have sleep apnea or even both?  

Answer courtesy of Margaret Strozyk-Hayes, a maritime licensing consultant based in Seattle:

Mariners should not have the fear that their condition or medication wil automatically eliminate their chances of renewal. I won't say it is not going to pose a challenge, but it certainly is not impossible. I spoke with the National Maritime Center (NMC) medical team at some length about this question. During our conversation I sked several medical questions on the behalf of mariners who struggle to renew, or have a sinking feeling that they will not be able to. They rovided me with some good insight and advice for mariners with medical conditions.

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It’s crunch time for enrolling in STCW engineers’ gap-closing classes

Engineering personnel who sail internationally have less than a year to complete their gap-closing courses, and enrolling isn’t getting any easier.

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In the simulator ‘hot seat’ Part II: Expand your horizons

In the simulator ‘hot seat’ Part II: Expand your horizons

At the maritime school where I teach, the simulator is truly something special.

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BIMCO launches new guidance on deploying lifeboats

A new pamphlet provides advice on the use of fall preventer devices (FPDs)

New sample questions posted for MMC exams

The topics and questions can be accessed on the National Maritime Center website

LICENSING ALERT: Replacing credentials lost due to Harvey, Irma

The National Maritime Center lists steps for obtaining new documents

MarAd mobilizes SUNY Maritime, Mass. Maritime ships for Harvey relief

Empire State VI and Kennedy will set sail for the Gulf Coast within 10 days

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Community colleges expand maritime training as regulations stiffen

Community colleges have a well-earned reputation for filling the gaps, providing a path for high school graduates wary of a four-year academic commitment and for adults looking to transition to a new career.

Industry prepares for new global ECDIS standards, training requirement

The industry is bracing for updated standards for electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) that go into effect in August 2016, as deck officers face a training certification deadline by the end of the year.

FuelGuru’s Russo: With more fuel training, mariners and fleet operators can influence diesel suppliers, save money

The modern diesel engines that power the professional marine trades are highly calibrated marvels of engineering, while at the same time the diesel fuel that feeds them varies considerably from fuel to fuel. A diet of the best possible diesel fuel is critical to the performance and efficiency of these modern, high performance engines.

STCW mariners to receive mandatory leadership training

In a conference room surrounded by a half-dozen captains and mates, Capt. Scott Conway leads a discussion of leadership needs aboard their vessels — and what can go wrong when communication is poor.

STCW mariners will need to renew some fire training ashore

A blaze is raging inside a tanker’s engine space. Two teams of mariners prepare to enter. A pair of fire hoses are at the ready.

Russo: Subchapter M will require higher level of training, more written lesson plans

With the pending implementation of Subchapter M for towing vessels, many companies and masters are examining how these changes might affect their operations.

Clawson: Coast Guard’s STCW policy letters provide window into future of rest hours, endorsements, ECDIS

You received an “A.I.” letter from the National Maritime Center, but you can’t fulfill the request within the 90-day limit. What do you do?


When your license is at stake, hiring a consultant can make a difference

Randy Cole, a captain on articulated tug barges, renewed his 200 ton master near coastal and 200 ton master of towing licenses in 2011. He did not do it alone.

New law reduces TWIC visits, calls for NMC medical-program review

Soon mariners will be able to get their Transportation Worker Identification Credential with only one visit to a TWIC center.

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Professional Mariner Conversations

President Bill Brennan of Maine Maritime Academy talks with Professional Mariner's Alex Agnew.

Added: 2012-07-23

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