June/July 2011

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USCG Announces Stakeholder Meetings on CDC Security Strategy

Ports Session Reveals Some TWIC Pilot Results/Lessons Learned

AAPA Session Details Some USCG Facility Inspection Results

IMO MSC Meeting Results Announced, Documents Now Available

USCG renewel process questionable

Seaman trying to secure loose line on bulker is washed overboard

New breed of batteries helps bring green to marine propulsion

Evolving winch and vessel designs enhance towing safety

Refusal of shipyards to take leaking barge complicates salvage

Tug operator in collision with duck boat was talking on cell phone, NTSB reports

Chief mate of MSC prepositioning ship lost after going overboard near Guam

Verifying lockout/tagout electrically safe status

Towboat master in collision with fishing boat charged with homicide

Departing ship damages crane it had just delivered to Va. terminal

Empty bulk carrier breaks away from anchorage and runs aground

Tall sea tales sometimes turn out to be anything but fiction

Shipyard finds its niche in truckable pushboats and smaller workboats

Tug captain intentionally runs barge aground after it starts flooding

New boat gives Fla. city speed and punch needed to fight fires

Readers offer their solutions to the growing piracy threat

Aker Philadelphia gets a reprieve with state infusion of $42 million

DNV proposes ballast-free crude carrierable to cut pollution while reducing costs

Oil tanker operators now required to secure contracts with salvors, marine firefighters

Plimsolls go to PortVision vessel tracking, Samson R&D and Kings Point teacher