June/July 2010

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Princess cruise ship suffers 4.5-hour blackout after departing Fla.

Cargo ship, fishing boat collide off Long Island; 1 injured

Humpback whale impaled on bow of Alaska cruise ship (PHOTO)

PHOTO of damage to fishing boat after collision with cargo ship

NOAA: Surface oil not likely to reach East Coast (CHART)

Rand Logistics to convert its last Great Lakes steamship to diesel

Amver blog: Survivor sends thank-you note after rescue by tanker

Crane barges, more boom en route to spewing wellhead site

Five NOAA ships, plus ROV, studying Gulf spill's eco-impact

Relief well work resuming at Gulf spill site (TRANSCRIPT)

Chemical spills into Mississippi River after tows collide

Tugs, barges deliver new bridge to NYC's East River (PHOTOS)

Crowley transporting containerized steel housing units to Haiti

Canada to use ROV to study HMS Investigator wreck (MAP)

First Lady christens third national security cutter Stratton (PHOTOS)

Allen discusses Gulf static kill, bottom kill (TRANSCRIPT, AUDIO)

Dredge barge strikes La. wellhead; crude spilling (PHOTOS)

Five vessels contribute to NOAA map of subsurface oil (CHART)

Q&A with Deepwater Horizon decontamination supervisor

Ship made of plastic bottles competes 9,000-mile voyage (PHOTO)

NYC to hire Anselectric to maintain SI Ferry boats (PHOTO)

Coast Guard releases radio recordings from duck boat crash (AUDIO)

Bill would extend veterans benefits to WWII Merchant Marine

Amver blog: Cargo ship rescues 6 fishermen near Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Storm forces Gulf spill response ships to seek shelter (PHOTOS)


Geislinger shows Corporate Design Facelift at SMM

Women on the Water conference is Nov. 4-6 in Galveston

Safety Alert: SI Ferry crash probe finds oil filters weren't changed

Fire on barge-mounted 'flotel' injures 5 Gulf spill workers (PHOTO)