February 2012

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When looking for work, consider the roads less traveled

At a local coffee shop I recently met with Capt. Bill Tinker, a colleague from the Northwest who holds a 1600-ton master's ticket and has many years on commercial vessels.

Industry Recommendations for ECDIS Training

Results of the January 2012 NMSAC Meeting – Part III

Recent USCG Counter-Piracy Documents

Salvors exploit new technologies for detecting oil in old shipwrecks

Results of the January 2012 NMSAC Meeting – Part II

TWICs Will Cost a Little Less

Operator of tug in fatal duck boat collision pleads guilty, sentenced to a year in prison

The mate who piloted the tugboat in the fatal 2010 collision with a duck tour boat in the Delaware River has been sentenced to a year in prison.

Fireboat officers suspended after vessel hits object outside channel

Officials in Portland, Maine, said training criteria for the city's fireboat crews are under review following a second navigational accident involving their newest vessel in less than two years.

Car carrier loses steering, runs aground in Columbia River

A cargo ship carrying vehicles ran aground in the Columbia River near Cathlamet, Wash., after an electrical outage caused the pilot to lose control of the vessel.

Captain transporting injured deck hand arrested for intoxication

Barge loaded with bombs grounds after running over navigation aids

A barge carrying 9,000 pounds of military ordnance and other cargo ran aground and took on water in Washington's Rosario Strait after hitting a navigation marker.

OSHA fines tug company following fatal fall of master using dock ladder to board vessel

A tugboat company has paid a $3,780 penalty to federal regulators as a result of a June 2011 ladder accident that killed one of its captains at an Alaska dock.

Master rescued from beneath barge after tug flips in Hudson River

A tugboat captain escaped serious injury when his vessel capsized and the current swept him under a barge in the Hudson River.

Survivors describe their harrowing ordeal after abandoning lift boat

Tanker in collision with box ship may have been avoiding towboat

The pilot of a chemical tanker that collided with a containership near Houston in October 2011 may have been trying to avoid a towboat, the National Transportation Safety Board said.

Voluntary towing inspections give crews a glimpse of the future

Capt. John Cater IV and the crew of the tugboat Wye River spent an October afternoon accommodating a U.S. Coast Guard examiner who checked over virtually every aspect of the 4,200-hp vessel.

U.S. struggles to create icebreaking fleet to maintain Arctic presence

U.S. struggles to create icebreaking fleet to maintain Arctic presence

The state of the United State's aging icebreaker fleet has been at a critical point for a decade, yet no action has been taken on a comprehensive plan to replace the vessels.

Coast Guard and industry seek to identify promising new oil recovery technologies

The U.S. Coast Guard, in cooperation with the maritime industry, is trying to identify promising new methods of cleaning up marine oil spills.

New grain carriers to employ air bubbles along hull to reduce friction and save fuel

Archer Daniels Midland Co. has ordered three grain carriers that will employ air-bubble technology to decrease hull resistance through the water as a way of cutting fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Spill responders look to Congress for protection from liability suits

The nation's spill-response and maritime salvage contractors are organizing a campaign to win additional legal protection for vessel crews who respond to disasters.

Prototype skimmer holds the potential for more effective cleanup of spilled oil

Kings Point loses a superintendent for the third time in three years

After just over a year at the helm, the superintendent of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, Rear Admiral Philip H. Greene Jr., has been reassigned to become chairman of the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Technology may be contributing to a reduction in piracy

Technology may be contributing to a reduction in piracy

The good news for the maritime industry is that more and more vendors have begun to bring technological solutions for combating piracy to market — the better news is that they may be paying off.