February 2007

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Tsunamis: A rare but real marine hazard

Paddle-wheeler has antique charm, plus all the modern conveniences.

Makers of Immersion Suits

Pilothouse staffing levels increased following N.Y. ferry crash

New rules for ballast-water management are on the way

NTSB faults navigation procedures of crew on small cruise vessel that hit rock and sank

Shifting cargo kills crewman during unloading operation.

Canadian hovercraft stand ready to go places other vessels cannot

East Coast docking pilots increasingly coming under state regulation

Bridge inspector drowns after barge knocks him into river

Bold Endurance: From heavy lifting to deep-sea plowing

Strong Waters

The sinking of the Civil War-era steamer Pewabic ranks as one of worst disasters in the history of the Great Lakes

Three dead as heavy-lift ship capsizes while loading generator

Five tourists killed when high winds overturn pontoon water taxi in Baltimore Inner Harbor

Director of operations and port captain indicted in Staten Island Ferry crash

Chief mate demoted following grounding of Washington state ferry

Coast Guard advises small passenger vessels to carry fewer people to reflect weight gains

Invader-class refurbishment finished at North Florida Shipyards

Matson to proceed with acquisition of containerships

Tour-boat sinking in Everglades is blamed on failure to repair earlier hull damage

Mariner IDs to incorporate fingerprints

Inland waterways industry lobbying to protect trust funds

Mississippi River pilots add to realism of simulator training

Vessel Traffic System allows Southern California ports to handle growth safely

Bouchard continues expansion with latest articulated tug-barge unit

Fisherman dies after being struck by tug and barges

Luther Blount, at 89, can still hit the right notes

Navigating by instruments: Towboats testing aviation technology to navigate locks

In response to terror concerns, AIS website limits access to live data