February 2007

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Canadian leader's ties to maritime industry causing him problems

Three offshore oil vessels sink within three days off Louisiana

Inland waterways industry lobbying to protect trust funds

Ports experimenting with vacuum pads for securing ships to dock

Seaspan orders eight ships that approach 10,000-TEU barrier

In response to terror concerns, AIS website limits access to live data

Newest Crowley oil barge features dual anchors for use at offshore terminals

Failure to make use of electronic chart cited as factor in grounding

2004 Plimsoll Awards won by Mississippi river pilot, Coast Guard R&D Center for support of AIS

Police boat returns to duty

ATB Sound Reliance: Articulate success

East Coast docking pilots increasingly coming under state regulation

Coastal Messenger

Invader-class refurbishment finished at North Florida Shipyards

Ballast regs tightened to stop spread of exotic species

Delta Queen

From Baton Rouge to New Orleans: Towboating in the "War Zone"

Harsh treatment of Philippine crew held as witnesses in Calif. sparks calls for reform

Tanker spills crude oil in the Delaware River near Philadelphia after hitting cast-iron pipe

Coast Guard advises small passenger vessels to carry fewer people to reflect weight gains

Three dead as heavy-lift ship capsizes while loading generator

Gramma Lee T. Moran: A new generation


Securing LNG

Decades later, bells still toll for crew of Edmund Fitzgerald

Canadian hovercraft stand ready to go places other vessels cannot

Tsunamis: A rare but real marine hazard

Vessel Traffic System allows Southern California ports to handle growth safely

Greek pilots keep old traditions alive while facing new forms of danger

Sail training vessel runs aground off California