February 2007

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Smart and semi-smart containers arrive to counter terrorism

St. Lawrence pilot faces charges in collision with sailboat

Vessel Traffic System allows Southern California ports to handle growth safely

Oil barge is freed after running aground

Fisherman dies after being struck by tug and barges

Lightweight carbon-fiber drive shafts becoming common on U.S. tractor tugs

Merchant Marine Memorial Park opens at MEBA school

Saint Mary's River transit demands peak performance by lake pilots

2004 Plimsoll Awards won by Mississippi river pilot, Coast Guard R&D Center for support of AIS

Bridge inspector drowns after barge knocks him into river

Hull crack in bulker suggests wider problem with brittle grade-A steel, TSB report warns

History cruise aboard John W. Brown revives old memories while creating new ones

Foss making large investment in tractor tugs for heated West Coast markets

Queen Mary 2: Built to keep alive the traditions of the great ocean liners

Matson to proceed with acquisition of containerships

Greek pilots keep old traditions alive while facing new forms of danger

Failure to make use of electronic chart cited as factor in grounding

Sail training vessel runs aground off California

Made to fit

Staten Island ferry crash leaves 10 passengers dead

Crewman dies after OSV collideswith Tanker

Crew of towboat leads rescue of 10 boaters on the Gulf Intracoastal

Canadian hovercraft stand ready to go places other vessels cannot

Three dead as heavy-lift ship capsizes while loading generator

Runaway dry dock narrowly misses NOAA research vessel

Canadian leader's ties to maritime industry causing him problems

Invader-class refurbishment finished at North Florida Shipyards

Securing LNG

Integrated bridge technology winning over savvy shipowners

Using mooring lines to slow a vessel poses serious risks