February 2007

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Director of operations and port captain indicted in Staten Island Ferry crash

Barge Spills fuel oil on approach to Cape Cod Canal

Tanker spills xylene in Mississippi after colliding with barges

Lightweight carbon-fiber drive shafts becoming common on U.S. tractor tugs

QE2's engineers devise clever solution for stopping dangerous leak

Engine technology propels trends in ship design

New cruise ship with troubled history sinks at German shipyard

Currents, tow configuration, lack of power called factors in bridge accident

Africa Mercy set to embark on its mission

Shifting cargo kills crewman during unloading operation.

Three dead as heavy-lift ship capsizes while loading generator

Tanker spills crude oil in the Delaware River near Philadelphia after hitting cast-iron pipe

Bridge inspector drowns after barge knocks him into river

Strong Waters

Navigating by instruments: Towboats testing aviation technology to navigate locks

Marco Marine, a landmark on the Seattle waterfront, closes its shipyard

Staten Island ferry crash leaves 10 passengers dead

The sinking of the Civil War-era steamer Pewabic ranks as one of worst disasters in the history of the Great Lakes

Liberty ships: World War II's beasts of burden

Ports experimenting with vacuum pads for securing ships to dock

Coast Guard proposes accelerating its Deepwater program by 10 years

Washington state ferry hits a marked rock

Three offshore oil vessels sink within three days off Louisiana

Frustration builds as fear of terrorism ensnares foreign crews

Study calls for identifying bridges most likely to be hit by vessels

East Coast docking pilots increasingly coming under state regulation

Miscommunication may have contributed to tanker collision on the Mississippi

Return of ‘Big U' delayed by problems with Pride of America

Tour-boat sinking in Everglades is blamed on failure to repair earlier hull damage

Using mooring lines to slow a vessel poses serious risks