December/January 2012

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Tugboat captain dies after falling from dock ladder

 Port state control inspections aim to protect crews and the environment

Port state control inspections aim to protect crews and the environment

The purpose is to verify that foreign vessels meet international safety, security and environmental standards, and that the crew has adequate living and working conditions.

Two big ASD tugs custom-designed for moving LNG tankers

Results of the January 2012 NMSAC Meeting – Part I

The Captain's Duty on a Sinking Ship

USCG Issues Interim Policy for STCW Compliance

NMSAC Meeting Set for January 18-19, 2012

Another Hazardous Cargo, Another Sinking

Guidelines for preventing loss of propulsion after switch to low sulfur fuel

Harvey Gulf to build first U.S.-flag OSVs fueled by LNG

Environmental benefits of LNG as a marine fuel reduced by 'slippage'

Car carrier crew retrieves deck hand who fell overboard from ladder

Barge T-bones tanker, carving 11-foot gash in ballast tank

Hawaii tour boat damaged while trying to take passengers into cave on Maui

All 25 occupants of a Hawaii tour boat were rescued after the 30-foot vessel struck rocks while backing into a cave, possibly after currents shifted.

Gravel barge severely damages British Columbia railroad bridge

A gravel barge crashed into a railroad bridge over British Columbia's Fraser River, knocking the train line out of commission for a month.

Ferry aground on Virgin Islands cay lifted off to limit coral damage

After a vessel runs aground, often the best way to refloat it is to guide it back out of trouble on the same path it originally used to sail into trouble. Not so for Royal Miss Belmar.

International container feeder service launched between Boston and Halifax

International ship operators urge creation of U.N. armed onboard anti-piracy force

Frustrated by Somali pirates who have turned the Indian Ocean into a "wild west" of lawlessness, international shipping groups have petitioned the United Nations to create an armed military force to help protect merchant vessels.

Master beaches tour boat after wave breaks window and damages bridge electronics

The captain of a Lake Michigan tour boat intentionally grounded the vessel after a wave blew out a window and caused the boat's electronics to malfunction, forcing passengers to exit by ladder and wade ashore.

4G wireless broadband provider claims fix for GPS interference

Fuel barges need lightering after grounding near Houston Ship Channel in Galveston Bay

Four crew die after storm in Gulf of Mexico forces the abandonment of their lift boat

Four crewmen from a Louisiana-based lift boat were killed after they abandoned their damaged vessel via a small life float during a tropical storm in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

When tug begins to sink in Bering Sea, its crew seeks a refuge

USCG seeks comment on watch system

Mariners find a multitude of ways to help out people in need

Lake Champlain ferries form a temporary link as new bridge takes shape

From Chicago to Peoria, navigating the Illinois Waterway