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Issue #210 Professional Mariner March 2017

Issue #210 Professional Mariner March 2017

The voyage data recorder retrieved from the depths of the Caribbean reveals what was said on the bridge in El Faro’s final hours, including the last harrowing exchange between the captain and a crewmember he was trying to assist. In its March issue, Professional Mariner examines how the VDR transcript might help investigators determine what led to the ship's demise. In the world of LNG, the evolution of dual-fuel vessels has brought a learning curve for safe operation. Find out what is being done to help mariners protect themselves. For the towing industry, it's been six months since Subchapter M ushered in a new era of regulation. How are operators and mariners coping with the expected and the unexpected? We also take a look at Pasha Hawaii's plan for new LNG-powered containerships, Kongsberg's venture to build the world's first autonomous offshore supply vessel, and Tampa Bay's new pod-powered pilot boat.

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