August 2007

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Conrad Industries wins Texas ferry contract

MOPS heading to international workboat show

Lloyd's Register issues green passport to new Crowley barge

Transas USA to supply Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy with full mission ship handling simulator

NASCO begins construction of product carriers

New company launched by towing industry veterans

Efforts to revive high-speed ferry service on Lake Ontario come to an end

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage assists Spirit of Columbia

Fast shore response to engine room fire helps save ATB on the Hudson River

No room for error in bringing container crew up the Columbia

Mariners would need both a biometric ID and qualifications document under new rules

Grounding of bulk carrier near anchorage damages reef off Fort Lauderdale

EPIRB ashore for repairs when charter boat capsizes; survivors wait hours for rescue

NTSB recommends firefighting training requirement for crews of small passenger vessels

Crew of British research vessel gathers extraordinary and dangerous data on waves

Cruise ship fire leads to call for stricter rules on materials, monitoring

Captain drowns after passengers are unable to pull him back aboard charter fishing boat

Double-hull tanker grounds off Puerto Rico, but no oil is spilled

San Francisco ferry hits pier, injuring nine; malfunctioning waterjet is blamed

On Maneuvers: Corps of Engineers towboat has unique rudder configuration

Industry searching for better ways to reduce ballast tank corrosion

Excursion vessel carrying high school oceanographic students runs aground in Alaska

Finding of insufficient rest for crew prompts conversion of ferry to day boat schedule

“Giant” in the piloting industry dies at 87

Loss of steering led to fiery collision in New York's Verrazano Narrows

Loss of steering led to fiery collision in New York's Verrazano Narrows

NYC Man Cited for 1775 Submarine Replica Incident

Foss joins U.S. EPA partnership to improve energy efficiency and air quality

Alma S.: Getting Traction

Alma S.: Getting Traction

Pacific Titan's skilled crew keeps Alaskans supplied

TSB notes lack of familiarity of ferry crew with navigation gear