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ABS offers publication to help ship operators assess exhaust scrubbers

ABS has published an advisory on assessing and choosing exhaust scrubber systems

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Coast Guard blog: Icebreaker was out of service for 44 days after electrical failure

In a blog post highlighting its repair, the Coast Guard said the ice-breaking tug Biscayne Bay spent much of the winter on the sidelines after an electrical failure in the Mackinac strait

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Carnival to spend $300M to add emergency power generation, avoid blackouts

Carnival Corp. said it will spend $300 million to upgrade propulsion and electrical systems to avoid power losses in the future

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EPA allows coal-fired Lake Michigan ferry to operate for 2 more years

The coal-fired Lake Michigan ferry SS Badger can continue operating through the 2014 navigation season as a result of an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency over the dumping of ash

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Tanker crewman falls 20 feet into engine space, needs medevac

The U.S. Coast Guard said a tanker crewman injured his back in a 20-foot fall at anchorage near Sabine

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Study: New Calif. shipping routes meant to protect blue whales threaten other whales

A scientific study of the new shipping lanes to Los Angeles and Long Beach suggest that the routes that were designed to protect blue whales have increase risks for humpback and fin whales

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Feds: 2 shipping companies to pay $10M in 'magic hose' case

Two shipping companies have pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in a U.S. ship pollution case and will pay $10.4 million in penalties

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Three crew injured in Calif. tugboat engine-room fire

An engine-room fire broke out aboard the tugboat Z-Five while it was docked at Alameda, injuring 3 crewmembers

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Tugboat runs aground in Buzzards Bay; gear oil spills after propulsion drive damaged

The tugboat Justice ran aground in Buzzards Bay and a propulsion drive was damaged, resulting in spilled gear oil

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Cruise passenger 'bill of rights' would guarantee backup power, emergency training

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, calls for a Cruise Passenger "Bill of Rights" that would ensure that backup power is available and crews are trained in emergency and evacuation procedures

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