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SAFETY ALERT: Faulty life jacket lights

Inspections uncover more than 3,000 non-functioning Alcares lights

Web Bulletin 2017

IMO issues new warning on bauxite cargoes

'Dynamic separation' can cause a ship to capsize

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ALERT: Outdated high-seas communications

Many mariners continue to rely on improper equipment and frequencies

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ALERT: CO2 system hazards

An accidental release where a sensor was being tested nearly resulted in a fatality

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ALERT: Prepare and prevent fuel spray fires

The incidents continue to occur despite being a marine safety focus

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ALERT: Liquefied natural gas leakages

The Coast Guard warns of hazardous system modifications

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ADVISORY: Be aware of third-party COD providers

The National Vessel Documentation Center is the only authorized issuer

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ALERT: Amphibious passenger vessels

Fatalities lead to an NTSB advisory about seat belts and operator distraction

Web Bulletin 2017

SAFETY ALERT: Take time to identify counterfeit parts

Products can be represented as meeting requirements when they do not

Web Bulletin 2017

Marine lessons learned: Lingering lye leads to deck replacement

The Coast Guard reminds vessel owners and operators to be vigilant with chemical spills

Web Bulletin 2017
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