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Prototype skimmer holds the potential for more effective cleanup of spilled oil

February 2012

Coast Guard and industry seek to identify promising new oil recovery technologies

The U.S. Coast Guard, in cooperation with the maritime industry, is trying to identify promising new methods of cleaning up marine oil spills.

February 2012

4G wireless broadband provider claims fix for GPS interference

December/January 2012

NOAA sends survey vessel on mission to improve Arctic charts

In response to the need for better charts of the Arctic Ocean, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has sent the 231-foot research ship Fairweather on a two-month mission to conduct hydrographic surveys in Kotzebue Sound.

October/November 2011

EPIRBs with GPS can result in quicker response times and more lives saved

The U.S. Coast Guard is encouraging the use of GPS-enhanced emergency position indicting radio beacon (EPIRB) units.

September 2011

Wireless e-mail improving quality of life for mariners

For mariners at sea, boosting morale can be as simple as getting a message from home.

September 2011

Management software links ship and shore decision makers

It used to be that when a vessel left the dock, all the decisions about ship control, steering and navigation were made aboard the ship.

August 2011

New breed of batteries helps bring green to marine propulsion

June/July 2011

Gyrostabilizers look for smooth sailing in commercial markets

April 2011
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