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Chamber: Casualty investigation results should be reported to IMO promptly

The secretary-general of the International Chamber of Shipping said the industry would be better able to learn from casualties if investigation results were reported to IMO in a timely manner

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Blog: Vessel Traffic Service has reduced risk of casualties

The Coast Guard's Vessel Traffic Service is marking its 40th anniversary

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Coast Guard: Missing crewman at Mobile may have fallen while recovering pilot ladder

The Coast Guard said a missing crewman at Mobile may have fallen while recovering a pilot ladder

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Titan Salvage says Costa Concordia recovery faces significant delay

U.S.-based Titan Salvage said the Costa Concordia recovery won't be completed before June 2013 because it will take time to drill through granite to build platform

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Ship runs aground in St. Lawrence River, is able to dislodge itself

The ship Phoenix Star ran aground in the St. Lawrence River but was able to free itself and move back into open water

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Ship carrying iron runs aground in St. Lawrence Seaway

The Canadian vessel Sedna Desgagnes, with a load of raw iron, ran aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway

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Excursion boat strikes rocks near Alcatraz; 22 passengers rescued

A 40-foot tour boat hosting a bachelor party struck rocks near Alcatraz and began taking on water; the Coast Guard rescued the 22 passengers.

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Grounded Lake Erie ferry refloated with help of tugboat

The Pelee Island ferry that ran aground Thursday in Lake Erie has been refloated after 33 passengers spent the night on the vessel

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Lake Erie ferry runs aground on sandbar; 33 passengers need evacuation

The Pelee Island ferry MV Jiimaan is aground on a sandbar with 33 people aboard

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Salvage crews cut up, remove grounded Jireh from Puerto Rico island

The U.S. Coast Guard said the cutting and removal of beached cargo ship Jireh has been completed at a Puerto Rico island

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