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Salvors unable to refloat deteriorating Jireh off Puerto Rico

The Coast Guard said salvage contractors were not able to refloat the grounded ship Jireh and will now consider cutting it into pieces

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Tanker's chief mate injures groin when pants get caught in spindle

A Coast Guard helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico evacuated a tanker's chief mate, who injured his groin when his trousers got caught in a spindle

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After long salvage response, Jireh to be refloated Thursday

The Coast Guard said the grounded ship Jireh, which ran aground in June in Puerto Rico, will be refloated on Thursday

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Tanker strikes Baltimore coal dock, injuring one person

The tanker Wawasan Ruby struck and seriously damaged the CSX Curtis Bay coal terminal dock, injuring one CSX employee

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Coast Guard reports several ship groundings, barge strandings along Mississippi River

The Coast Guard said the Mississippi River has reopened to vessels smaller than 250 feet, although there have been ship groundings and barges stranded along the riverbanks

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Cargo ship breaks loose, wayward barge sinks crew boat during Isaac

Officials in southeast Louisiana said the cargo ship Federal Lida broke loose, and a barge broke loose and struck and sank an unoccupied crew boat during Hurricane Isaac

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Army sergeant missing after going overboard from Fla. cruise ship

The Coast Guard said it is searching for a 31-year-old U.S. Army sergeant who went overboard from the cruise ship Fascination near the Florida coast

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Cruise ship runs aground in Detroit River, with VIDEO

The 216-foot Great Lakes cruise ship Yorktown ran aground near an island in the Detroit River

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Captain fired after Mass. fast ferry runs aground on sandbar

The fast ferry Provincetown III ran aground, leading to the evacuation of about 150 people and the firing of the captain-in-training

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Box ship needs to drop anchor to avoid collision with Navy tugs

Pilots and officers aboard the containership APL Oman narrowly avoided a collision with Navy tugboats by dropping anchor

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