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Tanker crewman loses feeling in lower half of his body after being struck by crane

A crewman aboard the tanker Stolt Flamingo was struck by a crane and lost feeling in the lower half of his body

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Barges break loose after captain intentionally grounds tow to avoid bridge

Three barges broke loose in the Ohio River when the towing vessel Bill Stile intentionally ran its tow aground to avoid striking a bridge

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OSV brings drifting cruise ship under tow; St. John's port won't accept it back

The derelict cruise ship Lyubov Orlova, which was adrift off Newfoundland, has been brought under control by the offshore supply vessel Atlantic Hawk

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Coast Guard concludes that unsafe operation by its personnel caused fatal San Diego crash

The U.S. Coast Guard said unsafe operation, dereliction of duties and a poor command environment were factors that caused one of its boats to crash at a San Diego boat parade, killing an 8-year-old boy

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Oil pumped out of damaged barge at Vicksburg; tows on the move

Responders have removed oil from the damaged barge at Vicksburg, and tows are moving up and down the river as the Coast Guard manages the queue of delayed boats

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Audio recordings during Queen of the North negligence trial reveal frantic response

During the fourth officer's negligence trial, audio recordings from the Queen of the North indicate a frantic response after the grounding but no sign of trouble beforehand

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Cargo ship crew hospitalized with chemical burns after leak

Four crewmembers from the Norwegian cargo ship Star Fraser were hospitalized after being sickened by an onboard chemical leak

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Accident at Vicksburg bridge has delayed more than 1,000 barges

The Mississippi River closure that resulted from a tow striking a rail bridge at Vicksburg has now delayed 71 towboats with more than 1,000 barges

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Empty cruise ship adrift near Newfoundland after towline snapped

A derelict cruise ship is adrift near Newfoundland oil platforms after a tugboat lost control of the empty vessel when the towline snapped

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TSB: Tug master fell asleep before barge struck B.C. rail bridge

A barge severely damaged a railroad bridge on the Fraser River after the tug's fatigued master fell asleep prior to a critical stage in the passage, the Transportation Safety Board said in a report

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