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Report: Tug capsizing at NH bridge was caused by captains' errors

A Coast Guard report said the 2012 capsizing of the tug Benjamin Bailey occurred because of errors by two captains

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Guantanamo-bound barge loses 22 containers at sea

The tugboat Spence and its barge Atlantic Trader lost 22 containers overboard off the coast of Florida

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Platform supply vessel runs aground at San Jose Island, Texas

The U.S. Coast Guard said a platform supply vessel has run aground along San Jose Island on the Texas coast

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Coast Guard cutter catches fire at Virginia base

A fire broke out in the damage control room of the Coast Guard Cutter Bear at its base in Portsmouth, Va.

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Derelict cruise ship that broke loose near Newfoundland has been spotted adrift near Ireland

The derelict, unmanned cruise ship Lyubov Orlova, which broke loose from two towing vessels near Newfoundland, has been spotted adrift off the coast of Ireland

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Oil spews from inactive wellhead after it is struck by crewboat

The crewboat Sea Raider struck an inactive wellhead near Port Sulphur, and an oil-water mixture is spewing from the well

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Two tugs involved in Kulluk tow collide while maneuvering near Kodiak

The Foss Maritime tugboat Corbin Foss and the Crowley tug Ocean Wave collided near Kodiak Island

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Coal barge runs aground in Monongahela River

The lead coal barge with the tugboat Francis J. Blank ran aground in the Monongahela River, and the captain then pushed it against a river bank to prevent it from sinking

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Crewman missing after falling off ship near Cape Hatteras

The U.S. Coast Guard said a 33-year-old crewman was reported to have fallen overboard from the merchant ship Ice River near the North Carolina coast

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Chemical tankers collide near Galveston, causing internal damage in one engine room

The chemical tankers Chem Sea and Bow Kiso collided south of Galveston, resulting in an internal fuel leak aboard Bow Kiso

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