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Report: Portland fireboat sailing at 14 knots when it struck charted shipwreck

The Portland Press Herald newspaper reported that the Portland fireboat that struck a shipwreck in 2011 was sailing at 14 knots through the shallow area

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Towboat, barges strike bridge pier on Tennessee River

The towboat Gladys Ford and its barges struck a bridge pier in the Tennessee River at Ledbetter, Ky.

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Coast Guard asks San Francisco harbor safety committee to review Critical Maneuvering Areas

In the wake of Overseas Reymar's accident at the Bay Bridge, the Coast Guard has asked the Harbor Safety Committee to review Critical Maneuvering Areas

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Coast Guard, NTSB to convene formal hearing on fatal Bounty sinking

The U.S. Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board will hold a formal hearing into the deadly sinking of the tall ship Bounty during Hurricane Sandy

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Sekimizu: Industry should set goal to halve deaths at sea

The International Maritime Organization's secretary-general said the industry should set goals to cut the number of lives lost at sea in half and to eradicate piracy

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NTSB to lead Seastreak crash probe, sends team to NYC

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending an investigative team and will lead the probe of the Seastreak Wall Street's crash that injured 57 people

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Coast Guard orders formal investigation of Kulluk grounding

The U.S. Coast Guard said it will conduct a formal investigation, along with the NTSB and BSEE, into the Kulluk grounding and its support vessels

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Seastreak commuter ferry crashes into NYC dock; 57 injured

The Seastreak ferry from Atlantic Highlands, N.J., crashed as it landed at South Street Seaport, injuring 57 people

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Insurance report: Human error still 'root cause' of most casualties

An industry survey by Allianz, which shows that the number of ships lost rose by 91 in 2012, found that human error is still the "root cause" of most accidents

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Tanker strikes San Francisco's Bay Bridge in fog, with PHOTOS

The empty 751-foot tanker Overseas Reymar struck a tower of the San Francisco Bay Bridge; human error eyed

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