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Chamber: Casualty investigation results should be reported to IMO promptly

The secretary-general of the International Chamber of Shipping said the industry would be better able to learn from casualties if investigation results were reported to IMO in a timely manner

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Blog: Vessel Traffic Service has reduced risk of casualties

The Coast Guard's Vessel Traffic Service is marking its 40th anniversary

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MarAd surpasses goal for reducing Suisun Bay ghost fleet

The U.S. Maritime Administration said it has removed 36 vessels from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet in 2 years

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Salvage crews cut up, remove grounded Jireh from Puerto Rico island

The U.S. Coast Guard said the cutting and removal of beached cargo ship Jireh has been completed at a Puerto Rico island

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Cargill, Huntsman promise to charter only the greenest ships

Cargill and Huntsman pledge to use the RightShip fuel-efficiency index to move their commodities on only the most environmentally friendly vessels

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Report: Unexploded bombs pose threat to Gulf mariners, oil rigs

Texas A&M oceanographers say millions of pounds of unexploded bombs pose a threat to mariners and oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

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Chamber of Shipping wants more time for ballast-water retrofits

The International Chamber of Shipping is calling for changes to the the International Maritime Organization's ballast water treatment regime

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Chamber of Shipping disappointed that IMO won't go on with low-sulfur fuel study

The International Chamber of Shipping has criticized an International Maritime Organization vote not to go forth with a study of the availability of low-sulfur fuel

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Shipbuilding research program grants $1.8M to 12 projects

The National Shipbuilding Research Program has announced $1.8 million in funding to 12 projects

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Calif. governor orders quicker payments to ports for shore-power initiatives

California ports that otherwise would need to wait until a shore-power project is fully built to be reimbursed by the state now will get quarterly payments, the governor ordered

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