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Chemical ballast water treatment problems

The need to meet the new regulations on Ballast water treatment and the associated significant expense is a serious concern to modern ship owners.

Web Bulletin 2012

Owner of derelict barge Davy Crockett pleads guilty in pollution case

The owner of an abandoned barge in the Columbia River has admitted to violating the Clean Water Act, resulting in $20M cleanup

Web Bulletin 2012

Resolve Marine, Coast Guard removing cargo from grounded vessel in Puerto Rico

Resolve Marine is in the midst of an operation to remove cargo, including hazardous materials, from the grounded vessel Jireh in Puerto Rico

Web Bulletin 2012

In New York, ICS head says Law of the Sea should remain

Speaking in New York, the secretary-general of the International Chamber of Shipping says the Law of the Sea should not be fundamentally revised

Web Bulletin 2012

Shell's Alaska offshore drilling delayed until August

Shell's 22 vessels in the Alaskan Arctic won't start drilling until next month because too much sea ice is in the way and a spill-response barge has still not been approved

Web Exclusive 2012

Ship with serious ammonia leak towed at Dutch Harbor

A 353-foot ship has been placed in isolation and the crew was evacuated after an ammonia leak was detected

Web Exclusive 2012

Clean Harbors, Coast Guard respond to grounded migrant ship

The U.S. Coast Guard and Clean Harbors are on the scene of the grounding of an old freighter that was used by migrants

Web Exclusive 2012

EPA issues guidance on ships' role when low-sulfur fuel isn't available

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued interim guidance on what ship operators must do in the event of unavailability of low-sulfur fuel

Web Exclusive 2012

Ferry aground on Virgin Islands cay lifted off to limit coral damage

After a vessel runs aground, often the best way to refloat it is to guide it back out of trouble on the same path it originally used to sail into trouble. Not so for Royal Miss Belmar.

December/January 2012

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach embark on ambitious plan to cut air pollution

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