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Chinese maritime safety ship arrives in Hawaii for historic exercises

The Chinese Maritime Safety Administration ship Haishun 31 has arrived at Honolulu for the first search-and-rescue exercises with the U.S. Coast Guard

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Coast Guard reports several ship groundings, barge strandings along Mississippi River

The Coast Guard said the Mississippi River has reopened to vessels smaller than 250 feet, although there have been ship groundings and barges stranded along the riverbanks

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After Isaac, Coast Guard assessing ports, waterways, navigation aids

The Coast Guard is inspecting ports, waterways and aids to navigation in the aftermath of the storm in Louisiana

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Coast Guard cites, fines recreation boaters blocking deep-draft channels

The U.S. Coast Guard has cited and fined four pleasure boaters who impeded deep-draft ship traffic in navigation channels

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Mississippi River, industrial canal cleared of vessels as hurricane approaches

The Coast Guard said it would close the Mississippi River, and all vessels were being cleared from the river and industrial canal as Hurricane Isaac approached

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U.S. awards contract for unmanned vessels to track submarines

A U.S. defence agency has awarded Science Applications International a contract to develop unmanned vessels that can trail quiet diesel electric submarines

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Box ship needs to drop anchor to avoid collision with Navy tugs

Pilots and officers aboard the containership APL Oman narrowly avoided a collision with Navy tugboats by dropping anchor

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Maritime Labor Convention to go into effect in 12 months

The international Maritime Labor Convention has been ratified by the necessary number of participating nations and will go into effect in 12 months

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Interpol calls for arrest of Sea Shepherd captain Watson

Interpol has issued a notice for the arrest of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society captain Paul Watson, who skipped bail on a charge that he endangered a fishing vessel

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Coast Guard busts unlicensed passenger vessels in Calif.

The Coast Guard said undercover personnel have discovered several unlicensed passenger vessel operations in Northern California, and fines have been handed out

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