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Cruise industry adopts new rule requiring training with fully loaded lifeboats

Cruise Lines International Association said its vessels will conduct training every six months with lifeboats that are deployed while loaded with people

Web Bulletin 2012

Tanker's chief mate injures groin when pants get caught in spindle

A Coast Guard helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico evacuated a tanker's chief mate, who injured his groin when his trousers got caught in a spindle

Web Bulletin 2012

Vessel operators 'need to rig pilot ladders safely'

The International Maritime Pilots' Association has published an updated brochure on pilot ladder safety

Web Bulletin 2012

Coast Guard issues safety alert on winch, hoist equipment capacities

Web Bulletin 2012

VIDEO of Auto Position Escort Winch model undergoing test

The Auto Position Escort Winch is specially designed for ship escort and protects the tugboat from capsizing

Web Exclusive 2012
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