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ABS offers publication to help ship operators assess exhaust scrubbers

ABS has published an advisory on assessing and choosing exhaust scrubber systems

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Tugboat sinks near Calif.'s Point Sur; crew rescued from life raft

The U.S. Coast Guard said all four crewmembers were rescued from a life raft after the tugboat Delta Captain sank near Point Sur

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NTSB cites weather preparedness, life raft problems in Trinity II disaster

The National Transportation Safety Board said the Trinity II fatalities occurred as a result of inadequate weather preparation by the company and failure to use lifesaving equipment properly

Web Bulletin 2013

PortSide New York explains how tanker Mary A. Whalen was secured during Hurricane Sandy

PortSide New York published an in-depth story about how its volunteers secured and protected the historic tanker Mary A. Whalen during Hurricane Sandy

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Carnival cruise ship aids rescue of distressed sailors near Fla.

The cruise ship Carnival Breeze assisted a Coast Guard rescue of two distress sailors by picking them up from rough seas prior to helicopter hoist

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Derelict cruise ship that broke loose near Newfoundland has been spotted adrift near Ireland

The derelict, unmanned cruise ship Lyubov Orlova, which broke loose from two towing vessels near Newfoundland, has been spotted adrift off the coast of Ireland

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TV series features ride-along footage of Odyssey Marine's treasure recovery

The Discovery Channel series "Silver Rush" features on-board footage of Odyssey Marine's crew recovering billions of dollars worth of precious metals and artifacts

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Five tugs towing Carnival Triumph after towline breaks; stroke victim needs medevac

The U.S. Coast Guard said a stroke victim needed a medevac from the stricken cruise ship Carnival Triumph broke, a towline parted and now 5 tugs are towing the ship

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Tanker crewman loses feeling in lower half of his body after being struck by crane

A crewman aboard the tanker Stolt Flamingo was struck by a crane and lost feeling in the lower half of his body

Web Bulletin 2013

Empty cruise ship adrift near Newfoundland after towline snapped

A derelict cruise ship is adrift near Newfoundland oil platforms after a tugboat lost control of the empty vessel when the towline snapped

Web Bulletin 2013
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