Archive of: A Mariner's Notebook

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Maintenance payments should be enough to pay the bills

March 2010

In pirate zone, an unarmed ship is an unseaworthy ship

February 2010

Onboard systems don't always provide clean, safe water

December/January 2010

All crewmembers need to be able to operate watertight doors

December/January 2010

Mariners deserve recognition for risking their lives in wartime

May 2009

Keeping the loyalty of seasonal mariners

May 2009

First rule of good management: Treat shipmates respectfully

May 2009

Ice-free Arctic waters open up new opportunities and dangers

February 2009

Time for mariners to make their New Year’s resolutions

December/January 2009

Simulator training can be a good alternative to onboard experience

December/January 2009
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