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Arctic update: Maritime 'gold rush' heats up in the northern passages

An old shipmate of mine is on a passenger ship plying the waters off of Northern Canada this summer, another colleague from Seattle is master on a survey boat in the Chukchi Sea, and a steward I know is working on an oilrig right now in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

September 2011

For safety, everyone must understand the same language

My grandmother on my mother's side was an immigrant from Greece, and became a U.S. citizen in the 1970s.

August 2011

Tall sea tales sometimes turn out to be anything but fiction

June/July 2011

Continuity Renewal can be a wise option for many MMC holders

April 2011

To avoid problems in renewing your mariner credentials, plan ahead

April 2011

One man's experience with Coast Guard's new medical rules

March 2011

Make your voice heard to save your job: Support the Jones Act

December/January 2011

A Christmas wish: more jobs for U.S. merchant mariners

October/November 2010

Mobile offshore drilling units in Gulf should be U.S.-flagged

September 2010

Essential tools of the trade: a good hat and sun block

August 2010
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