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Museum ships teach timeless lessons about life and sacrifice at sea

I had graduated from the California Maritime Academy a few weeks before and just finished my first job with a large West Coast tug company out of Long Beach, Calif.

September 2017

Loophole allowing open lifeboats continues to put seafarers at risk

August 2017

When mariners set sail, workplace rights should not be left behind

I was the third mate on an 890-foot crude oil tanker berthed at Long Beach, Calif.

June/July 2017

In electronic age, license consultant only way to go for credentials

It was a few minutes before they opened the doors of the U.S. Coast Guard Regional Exam Center (REC) at Seattle’s Pier 36, and I waited anxiously.

May 2017

Cruise line’s Arctic gamble could leave mariners holding the bag

Last August, the 820-foot Bahamas-registered cruise ship Crystal Serenity began its trip through the Arctic’s famed Northwest Passage above the United States and Canada, the melting ice and continued warming temperatures freeing up open water for much of the voyage.

April 2017

NMC tips save time, money when renewing medical certificate

In accordance with 46 CFR 10.209(d), it was time to renew my U.S. Coast Guard-issued medical certificate.

March 2017
Merchant Marine flag raises recognition of vital work in peace and war

Merchant Marine flag raises recognition of vital work in peace and war

One night last fall my wife and I were attending a local Audubon Society meeting with a group of friends, looking forward to a talk by an expert on pileated woodpeckers.

February 2017

Giving thanks for resolve that has made the sea safer for all

One of my favorite holidays, at sea and ashore, has always been Thanksgiving.

December/January 2017

Mariners need time, proper facilities to maintain hygiene at sea

I was a young mate working on a crude oil tanker connected to the single-point mooring at Barbers Point, Hawaii.

October/November 2016

Working inland waters comes with payoff in good times or bad

My wife and I had been enjoying our vacation at Lake Chelan, Wash., on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. On Saturday morning, as we were waiting to get a table for breakfast at the Apple Cup restaurant, I struck up a conversation with a young couple next to us.

September 2016
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