Archive of: A Mariner's Notebook

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‘Regulatory reform’ first shot in new attack on US maritime industry

Imagine this scenario: Our ports are filled with Bolivian- and Cypriot-registered ships running U.S. domestic coastwise cargo, many of them “rust buckets” crewed by minimally trained mariners and operated by unscrupulous vessel owners.

August 2018

Renew, renew, renew: Mandates trap mariners in credential maze

I was at our local library on a quiet Sunday afternoon, getting ready to check out some DVDs.

May 2018

Pass it on: Gifts of knowledge and kindness foster success at sea

Drummer Ringo Starr of the Beatles famously sang how he got by with a little help from his friends.

April 2018

Memory cues there and here keep mariners safe if danger’s near

Named after the ancient Greek goddess of memory, a mnemonic is used to help someone recall information.

March 2018

Know before you go to stay out of trouble in foreign ports

It was a hot Gulf of Mexico day, and we were heading to Tampa, Fla., with a full load of gasoline.

February 2018

Far out to sea, holiday spirit brings together sailors of all stripes

It was a cold, snowy December night in Spokane, Wash., and I carried a plateful of holiday cookies and a huge glass of eggnog in preparation for the Christmas special on TV.

December/January 2018

Government should work for, not against, our merchant marine

Since the 1980s, there have been foreign-flag ships working in U.S. territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

October/November 2017

Museum ships teach timeless lessons about life and sacrifice at sea

I had graduated from the California Maritime Academy a few weeks before and just finished my first job with a large West Coast tug company out of Long Beach, Calif.

September 2017

Loophole allowing open lifeboats continues to put seafarers at risk

August 2017

When mariners set sail, workplace rights should not be left behind

I was the third mate on an 890-foot crude oil tanker berthed at Long Beach, Calif.

June/July 2017
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