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McKnight warns against security vacuum in pirate zone if navies pull out

The pioneering commander of U.S. anti-piracy forces off Somalia says navies should not disengage now that hijackings are on the wane

Web Bulletin 2012

Chamber: Casualty investigation results should be reported to IMO promptly

The secretary-general of the International Chamber of Shipping said the industry would be better able to learn from casualties if investigation results were reported to IMO in a timely manner

Web Bulletin 2012

Blog: Vessel Traffic Service has reduced risk of casualties

The Coast Guard's Vessel Traffic Service is marking its 40th anniversary

Web Bulletin 2012

MarAd surpasses goal for reducing Suisun Bay ghost fleet

The U.S. Maritime Administration said it has removed 36 vessels from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet in 2 years

Web Bulletin 2012

Coast Guard presents safety award to Chicago port captain

The Coast Guard presented a Meritorious Service Award to Wendella Sightseeing's Capt. Michael McElroy

Web Bulletin 2012

Chamber of Shipping wants more time for ballast-water retrofits

The International Chamber of Shipping is calling for changes to the the International Maritime Organization's ballast water treatment regime

Web Bulletin 2012

Supreme Court case could change the definition of 'vessel'

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a Florida case involving the removal of a houseboat, and the decision could impact maritime law by changing or refining the definition of "vessel"

Web Bulletin 2012

Chamber of Shipping disappointed that IMO won't go on with low-sulfur fuel study

The International Chamber of Shipping has criticized an International Maritime Organization vote not to go forth with a study of the availability of low-sulfur fuel

Web Bulletin 2012

Feds: BP agrees to spill-preparedness audit for marine, terminal facilities

As part of a civil penalty with the U.S. government, BP has agreed to undergo a spill-response preparedness audit at its marine and high-risk terminal facilities

Web Bulletin 2012

Blog: Buoy tender encounters bad smells, truck engine, 'teeth gnashing'

The Coast Guard Compass blog includes a feature in which a petty officer aboard a buoy tender answers five questions about his job

Web Bulletin 2012
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